With all successful organizations, the key is great leadership.  The Louisiana Sugar Cane Festival has assembled an excellent team comprised of volunteers, who are the backbone of the association.  Their love for their community, loyalty to the festival, and experience in the industry sets this group for sweet success.

2018 Board of Directors


Ronald Gonsoulin – President
Kristie Blanchard – Vice-President
Debbie Taylor – Treasurer
Petty Pollet – Secretary

Board Members

Hailey Bennett

Walteen Broussard

Jeanne Cutrera

Ryan Dore

Daniel Gonsoulin

Michael Parich

Doreen Landry

Lisa Lourd

Phyllis Mata

Vickie Melancon

Elizabeth Minvielle

Dusty Moore

Lisa Norris

Michele Simoneaux

Daniel Viator

Ted Viator

Wilson Viator

Committee Chairpersons

Stars of Style Committee – Phyllis Mata & Lisa Lourd

Sponsorship Committe – Jessie Breaux

Entertainment/Fais-do-do Commmitee – Kristie Blanchard

Membership List / Invitations Committee – Kristie Blanchard & Walteen Broussard

Pageant Commitee – Petty Pollet

Coronation Ball Committee – Sue Cancienne

Judges Committee – Jessie Breaux

King’s Announcement Party Committee – Daniel Viator

Shows in City Park Committee – James Abadie

Parade Commitee – Dusty Moore

Queen Sugar Coordinator – Michele Simoneaux

Visiting Queen’s Committee – Madeline Kessler

Queen’s Brunch Committee – Vickie Melancon

Media Committee – Lisa Lourd

Poster Committee – Walteen Broussard

Food Committee – Michele Simoneaux

T-Shirt Committee – Kristie Blanchard

Festival Website Commitee – Meredith Conger

Festival Facebook Committee – Mary Claire Simoneaux

By-Laws/ Articles / Charter Committee – Doreen Landry

Farm Fest Committee – Ted Viator